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I have been dealing with Trish, Berta and those at Unique Property for a number of years now. I have found them to be prompt, efficient and forward-thinking. They have constantly ensured that they maintain a professional and open relationship with myself and tenants. The experience of the team allows them to approach property management proactively rather than reactively, eliminating surprises. Further, they are more than happy to satisfy landlord requests.   I only hope to continue working with them in the years to come.


Unique Property Petersham has, and have been, managing my property with excellence for years.  The manner in which the team deal with all clients is with the utmost respect and fairness on all sides of the ledger.  There are not many organisations out there where you can feel very comfortable and utterly confident in leaving your asset in capable hands.  Unique Property Petersham - They are definitely not "all talk and no action".  They are the team that produces results! Anabela


I met Berta, when I was pretty desperate for a place to live as my previous lease was running out in 3 days. Turnaround time was exceptionally brilliant and facilitated signing the new lease for a new place in just a day. A genuine and caring person that will always make sure tenants are comfortable and well taken care of. Would definitely recommend Berta to anyone. Cliff

Cliff Jamba

In these times of generic brands and generic ways of dealing with people, it was extremely refreshing to speak with an agent that went that extra mile to show me a property for lease outside the ‘open for inspection’ times that are often so restrictive when people work 9 to 5 six days a week.  Berta gave me a refreshing and unique experience at renting a property successfully.  In all, Unique Property brings a Unique touch, to dealing with us, as Unique people, and that can be contributed to the Unique Agents that they are.

Judit Yolanda

“Berta provides a high level of service to get results. She is extremely helpful and knowledgeable in her work and builds long lasting relationships with excellent communication skills. Berta goes above and beyond to ensure that she provides an exceptional service. I can confidently guarantee that Berta will bring a wealth of knowledge to all her clients!”  Illawarra Road, Marrickville

Mark Machaalani

Unique Property Real Estate has recently taken over the management of my property. I have been very satisfied with the service Berta Dias of Unique Properties has provided. It's nice to have real estate agents with strict protocols, prompt service and great assistance with any issue that may arise. Highly recommended to any landlord looking for property management. Peter Dimitrakopoulos

Peter Dimitrakopoulos

Returning to the rental market as a tenant after 30 years was a daunting experience. Berta from Campion Realty (now Unique Property) made my transition easy. Berta's professionalism, customer service and prompt attention to detail and follow-up were highly valued and I would recommend Berta for anyone with future rental needs. Thank you Berta Mark Chamberlain

Mark Chamberlain